Exam Revision Topics

Quizlet Review Topics

3D Interactive Human Body

Body Systems Revision Test by Mrs Dever

  1. State the main functions of the circulatory system
  2. State the cellular respiration and photosynthesis (word) equations
  3. Compare the structure and function of arteries, veins and capillaries
  4. List the major components of blood and their functions
  5. Label a heart with blood flow direction arrows
  6. Common heart problems - Heart attack, arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis

  1. State the functions of the Respiratory system
  2. Label a diagram of the lungs and state their functions
  3. Label a detailed diagram of an alveolus with capillary
  4. Label a spirometry (Lung volumes) diagram
  5. Describe the roles of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body

  1. Label a diagram of the Digestive system and state their functions
  2. Outline the process of digestion from ingestion to excretion
  3. Outline the Blood Sugar Level (BSL) response to food and describe the hormonal controls for BSL - Insulin and Glucagon

Brain - Nerves and Hormones
  1. Main components of the brain
  2. Types of nerves and their functions
  3. Label sensory (affector) and motor (effector) nerves diagrams and show the direction of the impulse
  4. Label a neural reflex arc
  5. Define Secretion
  6. Describe the role of hormones in the body - specifically Insulin/glucagon.

Kidneys and Water and Heat Balance
  1. Define Excretion
  2. State the function of the kidneys
  3. Label a diagram of the kidneys
  4. Label a diagram of a nephron
  5. Outline the production of urine in the nephron
  6. Label a diagram of the full urinary system

Possible Lower Order process questions
  1. Develop Frayer Model Definitions for excretion, secretion, organ, body system
  2. Create a flow chart for blood flow in the heart
  3. Create a flow chart for air flow through the lungs
  4. Create a flow chart for the production of urine
  5. Create a flow chart for digestion of food
  6. Create a flow chart for nerve reflex arc

Possible Higher order process questions
  1. Create a Venn Diagram to compare Arteries and Veins
  2. Create a Venn Diagram to compare the Kidneys and the Lungs
  3. Create a Venn Diagram to compare the roles of Hormones and Nerves in body control
  4. Use a spirometry chart to explain why it is difficult to breath underwater using a pipe or hose to the surface
  5. Construct negative feedback loops to explain the control of blood pressure/BSL/Blood volumes
  6. Explain why blood pressure changes with changes in posture (lying, sitting, standing)