Introduction to Body Systems - Control and Co-ordination

BBC Bitesize - Control of body systems - Homeostasis a very good general overview - includes homeostasis, heat regulation, and diabetes.

Brain Nerves and Hormones

Brain, nerves and hormones quizlet

Create a Mind map (brain storm) ideas related to the brain.

What does the brain look like? Animation

General Introduction to NERVES Animation

General Introduction to HORMONES Animation. Where are the Endocrine Glands?

Nerve Cell FunctionAnimation

How a nerve works Animation

The Brain and Nerves

Create a mind map for Nerves and Hormone control (page 165)

  1. Parts of the Brain - refer to page 166 and create a BRACE Map. (Whole to part)
  2. Refer to Figure 2 page 167, create a Venn Diagram for the two nerve types and compare their anatomy/physiology and function.
  3. Create a flow chart for a Reflex Arc (animation) generated by a having a hot coal land on your unprotected foot (also page 169)

Hormones - general information on HORMONAL CONTROL

Read Page 173 and go to the Diabetes (animation). Activate the animation one step at a time and produce a FLOW CHART on the control of blood sugar levels and complete the quiz below it.

Read the following passage and create a VENN Diagram to compare Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Usually develops before the age of 20, with a peak at 12 years old.
Usually appears after the age of 40.
Pancreas stops making insulin.
Pancreas makes reduced amounts of insulin, or the body does not respond normally to the insulin produced.
Treatments include insulin injections, diet control and regular exercise.
Treatments include diet control, medication and regular exercise.
About 10% of diabetes cases.
About 90% of cases.
Also called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)
Also called non-insulin dependent diabetes
Symptoms: develop quickly. Tiredness, excessive urine production, weight loss, increased thirst and blurred vision.
Symptoms: same as for type 1 but less severe and may go undetected for many years.


  1. Complete the following work book.
  2. Go to the Quizlets on Nerves and Hormones (don't exist at the moment)

Extension work

Click HERE to view an animation of Hormonal Control of Water Balance in the Human Body