Circulation in Humans

Overview of Circulation
Quizlet - Circulatory System


  1. Circulation in humans is designed to complete the functions listed on p 92
  2. Create a flow diagram for the exchange of substances between capillaries and the fluid surrounding the cells.
  3. Blood and its constituents - red blood cells, haemoglobin, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

Blood Vessels

  1. Refer to the Circulation interactive (the coloured words activate the diagrams)


  1. Watch the Heart Animation and then create a complete cardiac cycle flow diagram for blood flow.
  2. Cardiac cycle - extended version
  3. Cardiac cycle with ventricular pressure changes
  4. Heart Labelling activity

Blood Pressure

  1. Measuring Blood Pressure with a sphygmomanometer


  1. Heart response to exercise work through the interactive and answer the questions.


  1. Lymphatic systems and the Immune Response (complete the associated quiz)

Check up activities

  1. Quizlet - Circulatory System
  2. Wisc-online interactive Crossword
  3. Heart Labelling activity
  4. Interactive game - Sailing the circulation
  5. Open Heart Surgery at the ABC
  6. BBC - Interactive Organs

Labelled heart diagram.png

external image labeled-diagram-of-human-heart.jpg


General Circulation Resources - extremely good overview Red Blood Cells Heart interactive Khan Academy video Nova - Heart diagram with labels and blood flow

Wisc-online Circulation Crossword complicated x-word

Interactive game - Sailing the circulation

Open Heart Surgery

Class wiki on Circulation

BBC - Interactive Organs
Cardiovascular System