Respiration in Humans

Yr 9 - 4.4 page 85

Yr 11 - 18.4 page 490

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  1. State the functions of the Respiratory System
  2. Overview of the respiratory system - anatomy and function
  3. Describe the processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis as word equations. Identify where they occur an in what types of orgnisms.
  4. Define the following terms: respiration, breathing, inhalation, exhalation, inspiration, expiration.
  5. Briefly describe the characteristics of respiratory surfaces - textbook p 85
  6. Label a diagram of the respiratory system (including a detailed diagram of and alveolus) and create a flow diagram for the path of oxygen from the air into your blood - also refer to page 86 of your textbook.
  7. Explain how and why gas exchange occurs in the alveoli. p 86
  8. Create a Venn diagram to compare gas exchange in the lungs to gas exchange in gills.
  9. Convert the 'Mechanics of Breathing' pg 87 into a stepped process.
  10. Page 91 Fig 4.28 Lung volume changes in Humans - Spirometry
  11. Respiratory System Quizlet

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Spirometry - Lung Volumes

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Respiratory Volumes - Spirometry Lung Volumes

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Respiratory System