Making things bigger page 41 Pearson

Light Microscope - definitions Quizlet
Light microscope images - Quizlet

Classification of life
Organisation of cells to body systems

Work with the student beside you to start with, then change partners quietly for each of the following activities (maximum of 3 members per group)
  1. Create a mind map 'Making things bigger' - list many examples, uses, areas of study
  2. Create a Frayer Model 'Light Microscopes'. Your main information resource is the text or your own experience or knowledge
    • Examples of Light microscopes (then change partners)
    • Non-examples of Light microscopes (then change partners)
    • Characteristics of Light microscopes (then change partners)
    • Draw a 'simple' labelled diagram of a light microscope (then change partners)

Mounting a wet slide

Parts of a compound light Microscope

How to mount a wet slide